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1940 Oldsmobile 4 door convertible

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We have a 1940 4 door Olds convertible. I was looking for more information on what it is, i.e. series 90 phaeton? Also wanted to know where to start with a restoration. I know it's pretty rare, possible #26 of 50, but we do have a 1940 sedan that could help with parts, but really don't know where to begin. Anybody in particular that works on just these cars in the southeast? Thanks for any help...

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  Only a year out this reply, but I hope this message finds you well and still enjoying your rare Oldsmobile. Anyway...

  Beautiful car! Makes me seriously second guess my recent plans to sell mine. I have storage and other projects issues presently but that is worth building another garage for. However, I’m not sure I would want to get the restoration bill. 
  Here is one bad pic, but I will try to get some others up as I get it rolling again. 

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