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New England Region Show Rockport Mass July 14th.


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The NE region always puts on a great show. Probably the only drawback was the weather which was nasty humidity. Here are a few pictures, I apologize as I never remember to take very many. It was about a mile walk into town which we did in the morning. On the way back around noon (going up hill) I remembered my dad was 87. He had to sit twice, which wasn't bad considering how hot it was.

Always some very cool cars. George Holman had is V16 which you can see in the background of one of the shots. When George was at WPI in the 1950s he advertised it for sale and my dad went look at to look at it. I believe George wanted 1700 and my dad would only go to 1500. It was good for George because the gentleman that eventually bought it from him was kind enough to sell it back later on. My dad would not have been as kind :).

The Caddy towncar in the foreground was really attractive, and I don't like whitewalls or that year Caddy.




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