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Questions about 1987 Riviera "Gold Edition"?


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So I was at the BCA Nationals in Concord last month, and there was a fellow there from Western NC with a '87 Riviera. It had approx. 20k miles on it, and still smelled like a new car inside (literally).

It had what he called the "Gold Package" I believe. It had 15" wheels painted gold in places (instead of factory grey). Looked like these: post-62980-143139098928_thumb.jpg

It also had a two-tone blue (i think) on top, and gold on the bottom paint job, and a light tan leather/suede interior. Fully loaded except for sunroof. Very beautiful car. Rather bummed I didn't get any pictures of it.

I was just wondering if any of you guys had any info on these? How many were made, why they were made, etc.

Thanks for any info!

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I "Googled" 1987 Riviera Gold edition and got a couple of good hits. From what I could tell, the option included three things 1) two tone paint - gold bottom. It didn't specify what the top colors could be or had to be. 2) Gold painted wheels, and 3) "Specail" trim. There is a note about the gold package on the ROA's website under the Production Numbers link, and there is a a Gold Edition brochure for sale on ebay. You can enlarge it enough to read it.

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The Riv belongs to ROA member Bob Jamieson of NC. The Riv is black over gold. Ed & Nathaniel; you guys might remember seeing the Riv at the 2007 ROA meet in Asheville. Its also "June" in the 2012 ROA Calendar.

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