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Sloooow Progress Dodge Gow Job Project ..... Any Input or ???

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This is being built from Cast Off parts & an Orphaned Coupe, I have been collecting & Swapping parts for a couple years .... This is what i have so far.

Its All Dodge except for Model "T" Headlight ... Not installed yet.

I still need some '22-'23 Roadster parts so if ya have any to sell lemme know.

Would like some opinions about the stance, Looks, Would it be pretty correct for say 1932 ?



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Thanks Keiser !

Its Tough Diggin up the RIGHT stuff for an Old Dodge.

Anyone notice the 3" Dropped Dodge Axle ?

I have a guy who would do more if 4 or 5 guys want to do it .... Its to much process to do onesys he says .... But he'll tool up for Several.

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