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Will any of the Buick 2x2 intakes fit on the 32 60 series?


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I want to get a little more power out of my 32 and make it a little more drivable and would like to know if any of the Buick 2x2 intake manifolds or even the single 2 downdrafts will bolt right on the 32 60 series engine? I will be keeping all my original parts just want to make it more drivable for long trips.

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It is worth a try. The series 60 has the same cylinder bore (at least the 1934 model does) as the later series 40 so I guess the spacings are similar. The only 1934 Series 60 here in NZ is fitted with a series 40 manifold so that it has a down draft carb. I haven't looked closely at it to know how much was done to make it fit.

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