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packard stromberg

dale collins

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My 1937 Packard 120 has a Stromberg EE14 carburettor. The problem is,at idle it will run o.k. for a few seconds,then falter,due to fuel dripping from one of the high speed nozzles,this will almost stall the engine,then the idle will recover,only to repeat the cycle.I have had the carbie off several times,fitted a new kit,cleaned it out and blown through all small passageways etc.Have tried several different float settings,no difference.Have fitted a fuel regulator to the pump outlet and varied settings,no problem there either.Now am thinking the problem may be that either the high speed bleeder or the emulsion tube on that nozzle may be partly blocked.As I don,t have the specialized tools to withdraw these parts,I would sure welcome any suggestions that would confirm that I am on the right track here.Dale Collins.

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