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Looking for Information on selling/trading old antique trucks


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Hi guys, I have a couple of old trucks i am thinking i would like to trade for one restored truck or what have you. I find that i have far too many things on the go to properly finish restoring these trucks.

One is a nice 1949 Chev 1 ton with all new undercarriage plus rebuilt old six engine, with lots of spare parts, comes with wooden box and hoist and runs excellent. A bit of body work and upholstery and will be a great unit.

The other truck I recently brought home is a 1946 white 5 ton single axle winch truck with poles and big heavy winch. Need a full restoration but looks like it will not take all the much to get it in shape. It has sat for about 30 to 35 years and tires are still full of air, believe that or not, is a great unit for someone with some time.

I live in canada, but could haul units almost to anywhere in Canada for the right trade, or will consider selling for cash but a trade for soemthing already restored is what I am looking for.

Anybody got an ideas on this subject, can this be done or do I need to restore before doing any trading.

Please e-mail me any of your comments to get me on the right track, and will send pictures of the trucks to anyone that is interested in them.

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Migh i suggest that you request comments on this forum, rather than e-mail. This was much is nor replicated. This saves time for the providers rrather then several typing the same informsation, and you taking the time to read emails which may be close to identical. Just my opinion.

I think you will find a limited audience in the larger trucks.

Again, just my opinion.


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You're close to being a square peg in a round hole here, not that car collectors don't have occasional lapses and acquire trucks...

There're several Chev forums for advice/info/sympathy (the markets down in these troubled times); there's classicwhitetrucks.com for the White (it's a small site but concentrated on White).

There's a special subset of collectors that like wreckers and winch trucks; as Bob said, you might post on aths.org, the old car/truck forum on smokstak. com, and/or the antiquetruckclubofamerica.com (org?), a small site I haven't been in for awhile.

You're kind asking "how high is up?" as to trading: it's highly personal. Maybe you'll hit someone interested, maybe not. If no luck try again in a couple months. Good luck.

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