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What does a Reatta sound like?

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There are so few Reattas in my part of the world (perhaps 5) that I have no sense of what the car should sound like. My "new" 88 has a not-unpleasant moderately loud throaty growl during acceleration and a gentle rumble at idle, but I can't imagine that it sounded like that originally, given Buick's customer base at the time. It does sort of suit the sporty look of the car. What should the exhaust note sound like? Is it a quiet car? Rolls Royce? Saturn 5 rocket?

Sorry if this question has come up before; I have done extensive reading among all the threads, and it is a fascinating, if somewhat random read indeed, but I can't seem to find an answer to this particular question. I don't know if I should add exhaust system to the list of things to deal with. I can live without ABS, A/C is not really necessary here, radio/cassette would be nice, and perhaps correct exhaust. Thanks!

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Welcome to the forum. I have had my 89 one year now and I am still learning more every week. A lot of us have experienced some of the problems that you mentioned. The one thing on this forum which works great is the search feature. You can enter in the item that you are inquiring about and the search will "search" through all the threads looking for a match. You might see matches that go back several years and you might see matches that are from other vehicles but if there is a thread from the Reatta forum it will be found.

Never the less you may also thread a question on the forum, just mention what year due to some year model might have been changed or updated so we know exactly how to help you.

There is also a site with tutorals that may answer or help you with your problem(s) which Ronnie maintains under reattaowner.com. The tutorals are very informative of how to do a repair.

To help you with your question, the Reatta was born with a totally welded exhaust system. You'll find no clamps throughout exhaust system. If you do, then the exhaust system has been modified with an add-on component. Like Steve mentioned, the exhaust system is a rather quiet exhaust.

Once again welcome to the Reatta forum, we're here to help you.

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