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1939 La Salle Found

Guest surfdwn

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Guest surfdwn

I was at the local garage this morning getting my car inspected and started talking to the mechanic about old cars. He asked me if I had seen the 1939 La Salle 39-50 that was in the back. I went back to look and found a completely original 1939, complete with the original flathead V8 and interior. The paint is sad, the chrome is pitted, but the car is all there. I did not observe any rust in the quick look that I took. The car ran a few years ago, but has not recently run.

What is the ballpark that one of these cars would be worth? He said the owner wants to sell it as he has lost his storage. I assume in a restored state that this car would bring $20-$30K, but have no real knowledge of the market for these cars.

He also has a 1949 Lincoln convertible that another owner left. He wants too much money for it, however

David Nolen

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