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1989 Door handle strap info needed


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I was just looking for some direction on taking off the end covers on the door handle strap.

I need to take off the door trim and all instructions say to remove the covers on each end of the strap. So do you pry these off and if so from what end?

I just want to be careful as not to break anything its better to know which way to proceed rather than force something. All other instructions I have found are detailed but not this part.

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You go in from the side/end that the strap exits. Pry at one edge and they will pop of UNLESS someone has bonded them in place.

Once removed, you will see a screw that holds the pull strap and door panel in place......there is a screw on both ends of the pull strap.

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Thank you Barney

Also I did email you the other day about the floor mat grids did you get a chance to check your stock yet.

Also my windows sounds like a Gatling gun at the top first time it failed and now only when it gets to a quarter of the way down. But it will go back up. I had the nice gentleman tell me at Reattaparts.com that it is absolutely the motor not the regulator can anyone tell me if this is most likely the case. He was most positive that this was the source of my failure.

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