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Vehicle Judging Question!

Ed Nieves

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Other than a Grand National Award, you will compete for a "Preservation" Award. After your first Preservation, you will compete for "Repeat Preservation" awards. Nice thing about Preservation Awards, they only require 350 out of 400 points, so this allows you to drive and enjoy your car. Also, there is no 10 point spread, as there is when going for your 1st Junior.

There is no limit to the number of Repeat Preservation Awards your car can win. I currently have 11 with my 1966 Mustang. There is an individual in North Carolina that has over 100 Repeat Preservations with his Model T.


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Welcome to the AACA Discussion Forum. Just to make it perfectly clear, you can participate in any AACA meet. As Kevin stated, you would be competing for Preservation Awards.

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Thanks guys I appreciate your help. I guess I will compete in the Preservation category until I enter the Grand National. I just like getting out to the meets. It give me an excuse to take a vacation and of course, play with my toy. (lol).

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