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Do Not Recycle ALL of your old oil.......

R W Burgess

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Yes, these pesky squirrels around our house are stealing the bird food!

The remedy? I got a little used oil and wiped it with my hands up and down that tiny pole. It was fun watching him trying to climb up, then slide down....Darn squirrels!:)

Whoops, the wife said I'd better inform you guys, that it was her best cooking oil that I used. Ok foot in mouth!:(

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Glad you added that it was cooking oil. And that looks like a BIG squirrel. :o

A few years ago we started trapping the little furry, grey tree rats and relocating them a few miles away. A total of 98 of them to be exact. And six chipmunks. Too much damage when there were that many. The three that are still around are minding their manners pretty well. Except they, again, got all of the peaches.

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