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Wanted: Carter WCD 719/720 (2)bbl Carb for our 51 Chieftain straight 8

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Having some issues with our original carb and rebuilding it does not help as the choke is broken

as well as a few other issues.

Love to find an NOS, Rebuilt, or a carb in better condition than ours!

Send me a PM through the forum if you have one....Thanks!

Let me know the condition, price and shipping (to Boise, ID) and any other info you have on it.

Thanks and take care!


(ours has the 719 on it but the 720 was also used on these or so I'm told)

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The 719s was used on cars with manual transmission; the 720s was used on cars with automatic transmission.

You can replace a 719s with a 720s, but you should NOT try replacing a 720s with a 719s.


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I have a 719s. It was on my 46 Pontiac for some reason. I just bought a rebuilt kit from Daytona parts. It seems as though the original carb is missing a spring for the pump and also the clip for the needle. I tried to rebuilt it, but am so turned around, that I am going to just buy the 630s that should be on the car.

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