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Dodge Packing for Water Pump WWII??!!?

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I have four and a half boxes of packing for Dodge water pumps. The part number is 309082. I am not sure what years it would work for, it came in a WWII/1943 foot locker. I tried searching on the internerd and couldn't find any information. If you are interested in purchasing these, make me an offer. I'm located in the Bay Area, Ca. I just want someone who could use them to get them, thanks for looking.



email at



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[h=1]Product/Part Number 309082:[/h]


<DL><DT>Manufacturer/Proponent: </DT><DD>DAIMLER CHRYSLER


</DD><DT>FSG (Federal Supply Group): </DT><DD>53 (Hardware and Abrasives)

</DD><DT>FSC (Federal Supply Code): </DT><DD>5330 (

Crosses to a new NSN 5330-00-297-4961 </DD></DL>

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