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Trying to get info on c-38 block

Guest michael.e

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Guest michael.e


I have a c-38 spitfire engine stamped c38-163376 that is not original to my 1947 Dodge truck. I have run into trouble time and again when buying parts for the engine because I really don't know anything about it aside from its really similar to the original flat head 6 that came in it, a Chrysler t128. Most recently I have been starting the search for a water distribution tube, but before purchasing, I should find out first all I can about this c-38 engine because it sounds like those tubes are made for certain size blocks. Not a one size fits all sort of deal. And finding out what kind of car it originally came out of would be kind of neat too :) If anyone can decode that number for me or point me to an online resource where I could find the number I'd appreciate it.

Thanks in advance for any help.


1947 Dodge WFMX-35

Southern NH

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