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GM HEI for my 1964 Skylark

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ANy Buick 350 HEI will bolt in. BUT the first bolt in the intake will have to be removed and the manifold gound down slightly then the bolt replaced with a flat head allen, if you want to see what I am talking about take a look at a 76ish V6 they did this modification to use the HEI on it. <P>------------------<BR>buickfam@aol.com<BR>Life long Buick Fan.<BR>1965 Skylark H/T<BR>1965 Gran Sport Convertible<BR>1948 Chevy Pickup with 401 Buick.<BR>"Fan of most anything that moves human beings"

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uhh, no. the nailhead has the distributor in the rear, and uses a different gear setup.<P>the 300 is a smaller relative of the 350, which both have the distro in the front.<P>allan

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