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Spring has soitenly sprung!


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Last couple days have been really nice weather here and the old cars have come out! Not necessarily antique licensed either- Since Saturday I have seen: 1968 Wildcat 4dHT, 1969 Charger Daytona, 1969 Olds Ninety Eight, 1955 Dodge Royal and today, a 1966 Crown Imperial sedan, traveling as if it were the king of the highway. 70 mph or so and leaving the smell of burnt high octane fuel in its wake. THE GOOD STUFF! grin.gif" border="0 gawd, I can imagine feeding that thirsty beast at 4 bux a gallon for 100 octane unleaded or 110 leaded fuel. At least we can still get it here. Clumsy to put it in a gas can and then pour into the tank, trying to keep an eye out for EPA-man. tongue.gif" border="0

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