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I need some help choosing what car to start restoration on first.

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49 Studebaker Pickup

50 plymouth sedan

77 firebird forumula

All of the cars need body work. The plymouth and studebaker don't run but the motors turn. The firebird runs and drives but needs some cosmetic help. All three will be torn down as far as they can be and be rebuilt. I just dont know where to start.

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Interesting question. Will throw in my two cents prior to pics based on the info you provided so far. First, I would choose one and focus on it solely through completion. I believe trying to do multiple cars at once, especially if this is relatively new to you, will quickly lead to confusion, and conflicting priorities in terms of available time and money. You don't want to end up overwhelmed, with two or three dissasembled cars on your hands - seen this more than once!

That said, I would focus on one of the two older vehicles for a couple reasons. Your Firebird is running, and a little more complicated than the other two vehicles in terms of what would be required for a complete restoration. So get your experience on a simpler project first. You can tackle that later OR if you suddenly decided to pare things down, they are reasonably popular and a running car is easier to sell, or just jockey around as needed if you don't sell it.

So, of the two older vehicles, I guess I would pursue the better of the two. For ease of inexpensive parts, the Plymouth would seem to get the nod, and having had a flathead 6 of that vintage, I know they are simple, tough engines. The Stude, on the other hand, is likely worth more completed, a bit more interesting and still pretty simple. So kind of a toss up but again, I would focus on the better of those two.

Last, since the Plymouth would likely be the less valuable upon completion, if your intent is to hone your skills, and DIY as much as possible, risk is less on that one, so I guess I would lean towards that with all things being equal.

Of course, if all else fails, simply pick the one you like best - and keep us posted! :D

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Thanks for the reply Steve. I only plan on doing one at a time. I am only one man lol. I have also done this before so it wont be too new of a job for me. I am just having trouble choosing which one to start first. I was leaning towards the truck only because that one ran as of 5 years ago (not to say a lot can't happen to a motor in five years). But I beleive the plymouth will be easier becuase I have a complete parts car that came with it. I suppose I should have mentioned that earlier.

Once the car is chosen I will be sure to start a thread in the restoration section of the forum. Have no doubt there will be lots of pictures ;)

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Definitely hold off on the Bird since you can be driving that for the time being. Do you have any other classic drivers? I've got a '50 Stude truck and my dad has a '51 Plymouth sedan, so we are just a year off. Both are for sale as I'd rather a '50 Starlight. My dad might scrap the ole Plymouth soon though unfortunately due to space limits. Which sucks as plenty of other old cars he has are probably going with it. I also love Firebirds, and always keep my eye open as I really want a '76-78 SE t-top with favorites being the '76 50th SE and '78 Gold SE. When you get a chance post some photos. I'd start with the Stude.

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You can start by dropping by these 2 Studebaker only forums.

Studebaker Drivers Club Forum Great for all around Stude knowledge.

Studebaker Truck Talk This is the Studebaker truck forum.Your best bet for anything truck related.

On the truck site ask your parts request and you will get many folks happy to point you to various vendors.

Studebaker International is a company with a large parts catalog.

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