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How do I install my 300 4bbl intake???

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I was lucky enough to find this rare manifold and I should be arriving within a week. <P>What's the best way to do the swap? What other parts do I need to change besides gaskets? I've never done an intake swap before so I need some advice. I do have a mechanic friend who's gonna help, but he doesn't know anything about Buicks.<P>I'm also gonna get a new Carter 500cfm. Which is better, electric or manual choke? Do I need the original linakge or do I have to order a new one with the carb?<P>Please help if you can. Thanks!

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I recently did the 4V intake swap on my 64 skylark. I read on a previous post that your working on a 65. There are a few differences between your application and mine but the procedures will likely be the same. <P>First you'll need to remove the old intake and carb. After lining up your new intake man. gaskets, your new intake will bolt right on. I believe your car came with a Carter carb originally and I would guess your linkage is probably different than mine (Rochester carb). I would imagine that your new carb placement will be slightly different than your old two barrel or at least the throttle body location might be slightly different. On mine, I had to lengthen both the throttle linkage "arm" and trans switch pitch linkage in order to connect to my new carb. If you've got the switch pitch trans you will also have two linkage connections to make. In addition, your trans detent switch (sets in front of the carb and it's bracket is mounted to the intake) will likely not line up properly. I elected to leave mine off for now while I figure a way to build a new mounting bracket. <P>Remember that if you have to lengthen your linkage arms you will likely need to adjust your switch pitch switches (chech your manual, but there are two switches that are activated when you step on the throttle, one shortly before full throttle and one at full throttle.) These switches trigger first you transition from low stall to high stall(or vice versa) and kick down to passing gear.<P>I may have made it sound to confusing, it's not really once you get started. Setting the intake and carb will be quite easy. Getting the linkage right will take a little more work but is not to bad. Just post a question if something comes up.<P>JC

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