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Help ID these open car doors roadster/phaeton teens-'20s????


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I have had these for a while with no luck figuring out what they are.

I will try to stump you guys now because no one has figured it out.

They are not Dodge, which I have been told many times.






They measure 24 -1/2" tall and 22-5/8" wide.

Tin nailed to a wood frame, leatherette inner panels, and hidden hinges.

These doors are solid and nice! Look like very early take-offs.

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Thank you. I was pretty certain that was the profile. Mitchell had similar doors, but without the vertical reveals... maybe a different year than the 1922 that I am familiar with.

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Back when I used to sell a lot of used parts at swap meets, I often had parts I couldn't ID. So I would carry photos of such parts, and whenever I went to really big car shows like Hershey or Carlisle, I would walk among the cars on display and scan each of them for parts on my list. I was able to occasionally ID a few parts this way...especially a bunch of NOS Mopar sheet metal from the early 50's that I had years ago. 


This idea might work for you too. But if you decide to do this, don't try to do it from memory. Take photos with you. It's especially simple to do, now that many of us have cell phones with cameras. 



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