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What should I offer for this Sterling truck

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I've known of this machine for some time and now find it is for sale. as you can see Lord knows how many Wisconsin winters have had it's way with the truck. so I assume one should expect the worst ,,Hardwateritis included. anyone know what type of engine and availability of parts tires spokes et-al






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Sterling (1916-53 per Mroz) was one of the more successful "assembled" trucks--per Tad's Truck Spotters guide Sterling dropped the split windshield in 27 or 28...

Engine's almost certainly a Wauk; there's a small possibility some engines might've been built by Wauk to a Sterling design as some old catalogs show "own' engine in spec lists, but show off-the-shelf (or off-the-prod-line) Wauks in parts catalogs...

Any ID tag left on the bodywork, or info as to what year/model??

The engine should have a tag itself, but may not, if Sterling at the time wasn't advertising which motors they used. If no tag, take off any cast or stamped numbers or letters you find and email the Wauk Eng Hist Soc (wehs.net) for ID.

Value is one of those questions like "how high is up?"; it depends on dozens of variables; I'd also put this question, with a little more info re' the trucks condition, on aths. I didn't think to Google for a Sterling collectors club or site, but there should be a club as the old Sterlings were quite popular among truckers (either Ford or Daimler resurrected the name for a few years recently).

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Just looking at the photo I would say $1000 max.

Ford used the name for their medium and heavy duty trucks for a number of years. A few years back they sold the heavy truck division to Daimler-Benz. New Sterlings you see on the road are made by MBUSA.

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