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oil filter references

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In my 1992 Wix catalog, there is a note for both Salem and ACE that says 'see Champ'. No reference to Kleener at all. My 1977 Fram catalog has the same notes, but also says 'see Champ' for Kleener. Not much, but it may help.

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I've got a 2000 Wix and a 2006 Fram...for Ace they say "see Champ"; no Kleener listing; Salem also says "see Champ"...the Wix, under Champ (NOT Champion) says "also see LuberFiner"...

Probably too new for you; what numbers you looking for??

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Kleener P-1330 which equates to a Purolator L40082, but has slightly different dimensions. I want to use it in a '48 Chrysler. the others: Ace PH7 on the box lists Buick 59-. Cad 60-, Oldfs 59-, Pontiac 60-, Rambler V8 60-, but no end dates, Ace X-70 similar start dates for Cad, Chev, Diamont T, and REO, Salem P-70FF that I do have the apps. from the box, Salem P-21, Salem P-174. I also have a bunch of Gates hoses & fan belts that their website can't ID.

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Well, lessee here...

Per 2000 Wix Champ and LuberFiner both have a PH7=Wix 51049, which shows in that 2000 Wix as "GM family of cars 59-67", as a spin-on 5.178H, 3.660 OD and "13/16-16" (whatever that means) ID...

Per that catalog Champ and LuberFiner both have a P70=Wix 51100 (BUT NOT A P70FF, so don't know if same) listed for Cad 51-58, Chev car/trk 50-62, Clark, Herc and JD; its a cartridge metal canister 5H, 4.531 OD, .553 ID...

I've found these Wix "uses" listings often incomplete.

You "...want to use on 48 Chrysler..."; d'you mean to install one, or you're looking for a replacement cartridge/spin-on?? I think both Wix and Fram catalogs are online, so you should be able to match a size pretty close if yours NLA.

I've got some old Gates catalogs, what numbers d'you have??

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Wow, thanks: Gates #'s;Hoses: VF-1, VF-4, VF-14, VF-16, VF-23. Belts: 8227, 8222, 628, 465, 614, 8205, 8210, 8213, 8266.

Also: do you have a listing for a WIX PC-100 cartridge... it's a X-reference to the Salem P-21SR?

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(1) Your old Wix PC-100 is now Wix 51100;

(2) My 50 "Master" Gates is too old for your VF numbers (VX seems to be "Vulco Flex").

A 69-70 "Trucks, Buses and Other Machines" catalog doesn't list cars. These hoses were apparently put on anything they fit,

VF1 shows on some 65-66 GMC Tilt-Cabs UH; on some 57-75 IH AB, AM, AMC series as LH;

VF4 on some Case, GMC 66/67 V6 401 motor, Hough GMC 4055C motor and some asst'd IH, some as LH, some as UH;

VF14 didn't see any;

VF16 most popular---batch of Chev trucks and all kinds of asst'd const etc machinery (A-W, Clark, MF, Yale) both as LH and UH

VF 23 only showed on one JD and a batch of Oliver tractors and their OC46 crawler.

Way too many to try to take off; no 'applications" list in these catalog.

Will eyeball the belts later.

I'd suggest you buy some catalogs, but they'd probably cost more than the belts and hoses!!

With sympathy, Bud

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Sorry re' not getting back sooner--found my 50 Gates too early, had to find car section of 69 Dayco buried upstairs (follow trucks/eqpmt much more than cars). Then found the two catalogs didn't match that well, not unusual for most parts catalogs but unusual for belt catalogs...

#465---looks like 47-52 Stude champ; Gates shows var 31-36 Dodge trks with Wstghse Comp (for air brakes) or comp/gen, various Int'l trks 30-37, many with Wstghse comp or HD213 engine. Dayco cross (#30) shows fair list other makes etc into 1957.

#614---wonder of wonders, both show this for (and ONLY for) 49-51 Pont 6,8 FG (Fan, Gen); this must be a weirdo of some kind.

$628---FORD. 39 85HP (no sprchgr), 40 85HP with 33/16 pulley (some have 311/16 pulley), 41 85HP, 42-48 Spec, DeLxe and Spec Dlxe (G-WP). MERC 39 95HP, 40 95HP with 33/16 pulley, 41 95HP and 42-48 G-WP (gen, wtr pump). ALSO var Ford trks using same engines, AND var ind'l eqpmt using same engines. Both fairly well agree on this one. Models with Leese-Neville gen take different belt.

Shopping calling; send rest later. Bud

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#8205--Gates sez 49-50 Cad V8 160 HP FG (Fan, Gen). Dayco crosses to their #27, includes more Cads to 60 and a long list of other makes to 1968.

#8210--Gates shows Olds 49-51 88 and 98, BOTH AFTER 7-49; Dayco croses to #44, incl long list other makes to 1969.

#8213--Gates shows 51 Kaiser, 51 Rambler; Dayco index crosses to their #18, but that's a misprint, looks like it should be their #60, which lists later Kaisers, the Ramblers and another long list as mentioned.

#8222, 27, 60 not in the Gates book, and with the mentioned misprint didn't trust the Dayco cross index, so didn't check.

My Dayco pages fine print, lightly printed, now faded, on almost beige background paper; no scanner, would need too many partial close-ups to fool with to send copies. Riffling thru it doesn't seem to go back before mid-40s except for the mainline makes (Chev, Ford etc).

Remember that was a 69 Dayco catalog, and when it lists to 69 means same belt may've been used later as well.

With sympathy, Bud

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