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1989 Red TC for Sale. 66,200 Miles

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I have a TC that I would like to sell to someone that will give it some TLC. :o

The car has 66,200 miles on it. I actually sold it last year and the guy was making payments. He put almost 20,000 miles on it and decided he did not want it!

He also put a dent on the hood. He said he had a diabetic coma and passed out and hit a sign that fell on the hood and dented and scratched the top of the hood!

I believe the car to be in good mechanical condition. When I sold it, it had the little tool kit untouched, but it looks like a couple of the tools are now missing.

The timing belt and water pump have been replaced. The A/C has been converted from R12 to R134. Both tops are in good condition. I am very motivated to sell and will accept a reasonable offer. I can give you more details and pictures also.

I am located in New Braunfels, Texas. That is about 35 miles north of San Antonio. My cell phone number is 830-481-4441. Craig Murphy

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