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This is my first post. I have a friend who owns a really beautiful 1953 Chrysler New Yorker, it's restored but stopped for some years, and now we are refreshing it. I'm from the Canary Islands, from Spain, it's a little far from this Chrysler home but thanks to internet now this is not a problem.

The issue that we're having we think it comes from the carburetor. It's a Carter WCD 935S. First the car failed to start when cold, and then it needed a long time warm-up procces before accelerating or run with it, because it stoped. I've checked the choke and now it runs cold good, with a exemplary iddle run, disconecting when warmed up, but when accelerating it hesitates a bit, and the exhaust expulses black smoke, so I think is too much gas.

Do anyone have a spec sheet or a diagramm in order to know all carburetor components and its function? I've thinked about buying a new gasket set, but the only I found is for a Carter 2039S, it says 1953 Chrysler V8, but I don't know it both carburetor are the same or similars. Or even if there's another place to find a gasket set for the WCD 935S.

Here is a pic of the car. We're keeping it as original as posible, according too with owner's whims. Hope you like it!

Thanks in advance,


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Thanks! the car now has new fuel, so I think this is not the problem. I just want to know all carburetors-elements and its function. There are some items with electric cables that I don't know what they really do, and maybe that's the cause.

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The electrical wires are for the transmission control system. The carburetor also has hot water passages for quick warm up in cold weather.

You really need to buy a repair manual. It has all the information you need and will pay for itself very quickly. They can be bought on Ebay, and from old car manual dealers.

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