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Teens-1920's-30's Autocamping Collection. Should be in a museum

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:eek: I have decided to wholesale out my rare teens, 1920's early 1930's auto-camping items. I would say its about a pickup load. Includes 3 different sizes of the Tourist Kitchenettes, folding auto camping stools, tables, picnic sets etc!!!!! Too much to list here right now. Price is only $2,500.00 for everything FOB St.Paul, MN. I could get someone to deliver to Iola next week for the cost of gas. I am also going to sell outright some one of a kind Joy Brothers Packard items. P.M. if your interested. Thanks, Jimmy

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Guest TicketMan4u

I don't deal with picnic sets but I like to pass on info if I think it will help someone sell an item. I found this site while looking to identify a hood ornament. You may already have seen it but if not on their "Items Wanted" page they say they are always looking for the following items:

Picnic Sets: All sets or parts from 1900-1929 sets. Especially Asprey, Vuitton, Drew, Vickery, Thornhill, GWS etc

I will purchase single items to a complete collection from around the world. Just contact me with what you have on:

tony@finesse-fine-art.com. or call anytime on: +44 (0)7973 886937

Here's the link in case you're interested. Hope it helps.

Mascot Mania! Information on car mascots, hood ornaments, car badges, motometers and automobilia.

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