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It is too hot out for these roads

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I wonder it the driver ever saw it, note it doesn't look like he/she hit the brakes. I also wonder if they landed and continued?

Dale in Indy

They landed and crossed into oncoming traffic and past that into the oncoming sides field, but did anybody catch the two large warning signs on the left and right side of the HWY??? Another driver error?


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Pretty extreme situations above but here is a minor heat related issue I had last week. Get in the daily driver (A-4 Audi AWD) and once I left my parking lot at work I can hear a thumping sound, get out and cannot find anything amiss. Drive a little further and the sound drops off, well, I get on the highway and no sound but major steering wheel shake. I drive carefully home and find a huge ball of road patch embedded in my tire. I picked it all out (not the most fun) and ended up with a bit more than a gol ball's worth of the stuff.

They last patched the parking lot where I assume it came from last fall!

On the plus side, Merc has shown no signs of overheating and its fun to drive top down, AC on full blast in 100 degree weather! :cool:

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