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Aftermarket parts for 65 Skylark

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Any Buick 350 HEI will bolt in your Skylark. The front intake bolt needs to be changed to an flathead allen and maybe a bit of grinding to that front flange for clearance, just like Buick did on the V6 in '74-'77. The disc brakes from any "A" body from '67-'72 will bolt in. I did both these swaps in my '65's<P>The best four barrel is the stock one, the nest best is a Competition AFB (available from Edelbrock and a few others) a 500 CFM is the size you'll want. <BR><P>------------------<BR>buickfam@aol.com<BR>Life long Buick Fan.<BR>1965 Skylark H/T<BR>1965 Gran Sport Convertible<BR>1948 Chevy Pickup with 401 Buick.<BR>"Fan of most anything that moves human beings"

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