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Terry Bond

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Did you fly the flag today? I know many of you were in parades, enjoyed picnics, or just enjoyed a day off to play in the yard or go watch fireworks. Don't forget to think of those who are not able to get the day off - the police officers keeping our roads and cities safe, firefighters waiting for those stray embers ( especially in Colorado), folks working in our hospitals, and most importantly, those in harms way, who give us the freedom to enjoy all that life in this great country has to offer. God bless the USA!


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Thanks for a great reminder Terry -

Those who did not get the day off today for the very reasons you stated should be in our thoughts

Let's offer a tip of the cap while we salute the flag, and that "FOR WHICH IT STANDS".

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It's still light outside, so our flag is still out front on the porch post......free dinner for any vet at exit 24, Interstate 5 in Phoenix, Oregon Petro's fuel truck stop.....all night long......today only.


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