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Bought a 37 zephyr.

Lil Red Coupe

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After years of dreaming I have finally bought a Lincoln Zephyr. I have always wanted a 3 window coupe (haven't we all) but the price has always been out of my reach when they turned up. I have missed out on two rough bodyshells on the HAMB , mainly because I had no idea about shipping costs etc (I am in the uk).

Well this time things all planned out my way. I have been watching this Zephyr for about a year as it was advertised all over the forums and on ebay. It to was out of my price range, even considering how rough it is. The price however slowly came down to a level that I could almost afford. I had just finished rebuilding a mates 38 chevy pickup when the price was dropped again. So with money from the truck rebuild I contacted the seller sorted transport to the docks and the shipping and struck a deal.

A lot of you guys will probably think I am mad for buying this but its a dream I have, its all I could afford at the time and they don't turn up all that often, and I'm not getting any younger.

Here's a link to the ad on the Hamb, it was on the LZOC as well. 1937 zephyr 3w coupe project - THE H.A.M.B.

Considering the state its in I figure that I won't upset too many people if I don't try to put it back to stock. The way I see it its not far from a scrap car as it sits. My plans are to build a traditional mild custom out of it. The deal was struck with the seller keeping the stock V12 and radiator. It was only good for parts anyway. I have a french flathead here that should bolt straight up to the stock box. I intend this to become a daily driver when it is done.

Plan is to fabricate all new floors, rockers, door skins and frames, go through the steering and brakes (will probably go hydraulic eventually) and get it on the road and registered as quickly as possible.

Then I will work on it at my own leisure. The laws are changing so much over here I think its best to get it registered asap.

I no doubt I will be asking a few questions in the future.

It should be docking in the uk on the 10th july so I should be able to collect it about a week later. Then I will be able to see just what I have bought.

Next step is print off the membership form for the LZOC and get it sent away.


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Congrats -- If those doors were put together from a sedan, then you probably are missing the window surround pieces unique to the 3-window. If so, the first thing you should do is call Ray Theriault in Connecticut; last I knew, he had one of them for sale. Good luck!

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Thanks for the response guys.

I know of Colin Spong and I think Adrian Spong but to my knowledge have never met them yet. A good friend of mine Bob Froch knows and speaks highly of them. Colin was (and probably still is ) a member of the early V8 club when my wife was a member about 10 years ago. Hopefully I can contact him and he may be able to help with photos and profile patterns for the floor pans and the rockers as they are completely missing.

Yes the doors are parts from sedan doors and I know for a fact that I need at least one garnish moulding. Until I get it home and see exactly what I have or don't have I don't know what to buy. Have you got any contact details for Ray ?

I think if I can get the body panels sourced then I can fabricate the floors and rockers. I can definitely make the door skins and fab up repair sections for the door frames. The hood has what looks like a horrendous repair, again until I get it home I can't determine the course of action but if a donor hood came up then it would possibly be the best route to take.

The most important parts that I know I need are the headlight bezels and lenses. Anybody know if they are available anywhere ? Tail lights would be good as well as I'd like to keep it looking as stock as possible. That said I can run different rear lights until some turn up.

I know how I want this to look, as close to stock as possible but with a slight lowering (not slammed like the modern trend). I would have loved to be able to afford a good stock example but that's never going to happen so I have settled for what is to me the next best thing.

Cheers Paul

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Guest Jocke

Hi there

I also bought a 1937 3W Coupe this week that needs a lot of work maybe even more then yours :-) and also bought a 4 Door Sedan car earlier this

Because I have two cars that probably will be one in the future I will have parts over.

I live in Stockholm Sweden so its not that far :-)

Tell me what you need I may have what you need.


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Accurate reproduction floor pans for 37 are already available from Bradley Floorpans for Fords

I plan to get a set from him eventually for my 37 coupe as well.

As for a hood, I havent seen the detailed photo's Boz mentioned, but if you need a hood, I have a spare nice straight one available. mild surface rust, but otherwise straight and still has horn mounts if I recall correctly. Will ship international, but of course it wont be cheap.

Also have some spare 37 fenders, wheels, a grille, etc. PM me if interested in anything.


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BTW, if you think you want to go with the Bradley pans, let me know - I can always pick up a 2nd set when I get mine and perhaps ship them simultaneously with the hood if you were interested in that. Would save you a 2nd separate shipping charge from the states as i'm sure the size and weight of the pan sheetmetal would be nothing compared to the hood. I may not travel to NC to collect my pans until late October though (just in case youre in a hurry!)

Also re: lenses your best bet may be ebay unfortuantely. A few years ago the rear tail light lenses were being reproduced in plastic - ideal for a mild retro-rod restoration. But still a little pricey at about $300-400/pair I think it was. Some gentleman in the UK (iirc) was also reproducing the tail lamp lens retainer clips. I cant remember who it was - I wish I took advantage of the offer at the time. These items were both mentioned in past issues of TWOTZ. I will see if I can locate these articles and contacts over the weekend.


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Thanks for all the offers guys. I should collect my car next friday (ship was delayed for a week), so then I will have a better idea of what I need.

Joakim I would be very interested in seeing your lincoln, have you posted on here or maybe the Hamb before ? I seem to remember seeing a post about a 37 lincoln that was basically a rusted shell and also a sedan. I thought the guy was from Norway but could well be mistaken. I have pm'd you too.

Jim thanks for your kind offer to collect and combine shipping, I will look into the floor pans and see how much they will cost. It may be a strong possibility that I may need a front fender as I know one of mine has a very nasty repair (similar to the repair on the hood). I think I will be fine for wheels as I have run several cars with the 16" wide five wheels so have quite a few around here as well as the ones on the car. Hopefully the grille is usable on mine apart from the centre strip which I hope to try and reproduce.

I almost bought the nos rear light lense of ebay the other week, kick myself for not buying it now. My wife is positive that we could make a mold from one and re produce them in resin. Trouble is we need a good one as a pattern. Same with the rear lights , if I had a good one then I could take measurments or at least a mold from it and try to re produce some as well in steel if possible, but if not again in some kind of resin, or maybe get some cast.. I would love to get this thing looking stock if I could.

I will be in touch just as soon as I get it home and see what I have to work too.

Many thanks Paul.

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