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Is my floor cupped??


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My '63 rear foot wells were bent a little at the drain hole. Probably a PO had the vehicle lifted by the body rather than the frame. This photo is is after I repainted the floor. Shows the contours fairly well. I did not fix the bent areas, as they weren't that bad.


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A body man here in Shawnee is putting some of these "repo pans" he got from CARS ( he thinks they're made by classic fabricatons) in a customers '63 Riviera. When I saw them they were lying on the floor of the '63.

He explained to me that these aren't really reproductions; they're not stamped.

They're cut to a certain shape, pie cuts are made where needed and then bent on a sheet metal brake to a rough fit. You have to trim them to fit, them weld in small triangular pieces to fill in the pie cuts. He said there's a lot of time involved in getting these to work.

Might be cheaper to see if one of the desert salvage yards doesn't have a good original floor they could cut out for you.


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