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1949 Roadmaster wagon


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Tom, I am Mike of Mike's WoodieWorld, and I have been working on a 1949 Super. I added some pictures of it.

It had been started with new wood just on the rear quarters. I made the four door wood frames in the pictures and I am finishing making the remaining wood.

I have all the original wood from this wagon, some of which could be restored.

Email me at: mikesoldecars@yahoo.com

Or phone: 661 766 9141

I would like to see some pictures of your wagon. Mike





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When I make a road trip to my brothers farm, I'll take some pics, this wagon has sat for over 30 years in a bad garage with the roof falling in, and before that in a farmers feild. i bought it from a older couple that was selling this wagon and a couple of t-birds, one convertable all of need of restoration. Talked with JB donaldson that makes wood kits for buicks and he said it is worth th chalage of brining it back to life - It doesn't even look close to what yours looks like! Nice wagon - I have rust to deal with along with the wood. The wagon is all there, missing the only the car horns,? some one must of needed them. It is a inline 8 cyl. engine. I received your e-mail, looking for pointers to where to start. thanks. Tom

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I start by removing all the wood.

I start with the doors, which need to have vent windows and glass removed completely. There are two banks of wood screws holding the upper frames on. One is behind the weatherstripping on the doors, the other behind the U-channel that the window slides in. The window mechanism will also need to be removed to access the many screws for the lower wood frame. The outer door handles will come off with the wood, and can be removed.

Be sure to save ALL the wood, since there may be small bits of hardware attached...you may not notice them at first.

I always save everything when taking one apart, even junk, since it can be of help in the assembly stage.

You will need a lot of room!!

I added a picture of my 1951 rear doors with all the wood off. They are very similar to the 49.

When you get it to that stage, I will continue...Mike


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Mike that was very helpful, I have not been south to my brothers farm to take any pics - I've been tied up with medical stuff - no fun - but hopeing to return to finish up my shop I added on to the house. insulated , infloor heat ect. Insulating now, ceiling in and getting close - sounds like I should of built bigger when restoreing a woody! Any way I'm glad for what I have. Might be a while before we connect when I start tearing into the Buick - Thanks for your willingness and responce. Keep in touch! Tom

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Glad to oblige you. My love of Woodies goes way back, and if I can be instrumental to seeing one saved, it is gratitude enough for me.

It is not a money thing to me, just a wonder of wood with steel to make a long ago cherished Wagon.

Once you ride in or drive one, and hear the wood creak, there is nothing that even remotely compares!!

Well, possibly an old wooden boat, especially in rough water, but I am a landlubber!! LOL

I was into them long before they became "valuable", and actually don't have much interest in their current values...

It actually scares me!!

They are a legacy of old, and a great one, that has to be cherished.

Any help I can offer is yours for the taking, really.

Keep it up, and I hope your medical issues are being taken care of, properly.

I am rooting for you, Mike

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