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Exhaust Manifold and intake connections 1924 Buick 4 cylinder

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A friend of mine has a 1924 Buick 4 cylinder that has a number of hoses and a lever handle on the exhaust manifold and hoses connecting to the intake manifold. It looks like some kind of preheat system for the intake manifold using exhaust gases as the heat source during warmup. Much more complicated than the 1940's and 50's straight eights I am used to.

Does anybody have a diagram or photos that show the hoses and the lever on the exhaust manifold? It looks as if the the lever is missing a linkage to perhaps the dash for a manually controlled heat riser type of system.

Anything to help me understand this will be appreciated.

Joe, BCA 33493

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I hope somone can help you with info on the '24. By 1932, the arrangement was more sophisticated. I have some details on this, but would probably not help you much. There should be some booklet on the carb and pre-heat arrangement in the '24 books.


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I have a photo copy of the 1923 4 Cylinder parts book. I can copy it for you if you think it will help you. They charge me 4 cents per page to copy it at the office. I have to do it early or late or I have a problem with other people wanting to make copies so it will take a few days.

You are looking at about $4.25 plus postage. If you are interested, send me an e-mail at fred.rawling@live.com. I see that every day but only get on this forum ever other week or so.


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