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Dash on 1937 Buick series 40, 60, 80, and 90


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<!-- google_ad_section_end -->I'm looking for a replacement dash for a 1937 model 81 Buick Roadmaster.

Does anyone know if the sheetmetal on the on 1937 Buick series 40, 60, 80, and 90 are dimensionally the same?

(I know that the sheetmetal dash 1937 Buicks are welded in).


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Guest Earl

They weren't welded in place in 1941 either. But they did use a really sticky tape along the edge where the dash met the cowl and I had a heck of a time getting mine loose on account of that stuff. I was beginning to think I had missed some screws and finally figured out what the problem was. Good luck with that dash of yours...

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Guest Mike Hanning

The '37 series 40 dash is bolted at each side, you need to open the doors to expose the bolt heads.

Mike Hanning.

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Thanks for the feedback.

I have not tried to remove the dash yet. Thought I read they were welded in, perhaps that was misinformation.

1) Can someone confirm that the dash was not welded in on a 37 Buick Series 80?

2) Could anyone who has a 40, 60 or 90 series measure the overall width of the dash for me (where dash meets wall). I'll measure and post the width of the 80 series in case that info is helpful to someone else.



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From the 1928 - 1941 parts book 1937 Series 80 & 90 have the same Cowl and dash assembly

Group 12.803 part 4077449. [Cost was $77.00 in 1941] There is an image in the book (I have no scanner just now).

Surprisingly 1937 Series 40 & 60 each have a different part numbers. May just be trim - molding.

For 1939 Series 40 & 60 bodies are the same. Reasonably sure for 1939 Series 80 & 90 bodies are the essentially the same. 1937-1938- 1939 Series 80 & 90 bodies are very similar: same roundish shape and 2 back windows

As the other thread try Dave Tacheny (he should give me a discount as I refer him so often)

Area number is 763 now, not 612

The Largest Vintage Buick gallery on the web - PreWarBuick.com

The best man on planet Earth for late '30s Buick parts is Dave Tacheny. Believe it! Mail your want list to him at 11949 Oregon Ave. N., Champlin, MN 55316, or call 612-427-3460.
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+1 on contacting Dave. I contacted him about a bumper and engine for my 37 80 convertable and he was more than helpful. He sent the bumper immediately and delivered the engine to Washington State for less than truck freight (now he was heading west for other things, but what helpful service).


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