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Stumbling on Start

Guest dakree

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Guest dakree

Recently, when I have tried to start my '90 Reatta, it has been giving me some fits. It will start, but when it does the revs are only at like 400-500 for about a second. Afterwards, if it is still running, it will rev up to well over a grand. It will idle down from there, and then everything is fine. I have run seafoam, changed the fuel filter and air filter. The plugs (AC Delco Rapidfire) are about a year old. The plug wires have never been changed, and there is some corrosion in one of them. I don't really want to change the plug wires without reason...should they be changed? Or is this indicative of an issue with the fuel injection system?

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Guest Mc_Reatta

Don't know why your so afraid to change the wires, but have you done the simple things to maintain the driveability?

Clean the IAC

Clean the MAF

Check the TPS idle voltage

Check the fuel pump relay

Inspect the ICM for goo

Check for trouble codes

Go to Ronnie's site for how tos.

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