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Convertible tops


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Last night someone decided to wack out my back window on one of my 'verts. Never a good thing to wake up to and of course now requires the entire top to be replaced.

I know this has been discussed in the past but any updated suggestions/recommendations regarding a good brand of top? Currently the top is white vinyl which I plan to stay with.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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That totally sucks.

Are you one of the folks that came to the Reatta Rally? There were a couple of cars from Santa Barbara. I was looking at the top on Ervins car (Bushwack here on the forum) and it was very nice. Though he got his in cloth, not vinyl. Hopefully he will either chime in, or maybe you could contact him directly, to find out where he got it.

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I did attend the Reatta Rally with my white '91, unfortunately the one that got the damage. I agree that cloth is a much nicer option but as mine is a white top and does spend some time outside I probably should stick with vinyl.

Ervin did email me with some great suggestions (Thank you Ervin)

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