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Cogged Engine Belt


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I got my judging sheet back today. Thanks Hulon.

I see I got dinged on engine belts. Since I only have one belt I know which one at least. I went and looked at the belt. Looks like new so that's not the issue. Two possible issues though. First, the belt has "Made it Mexico" all over it, yikes. Shame on me. Probably not correct for a 1958 American car. The other issue might involve the inside cogs on my belt. Are cogged belts allowed for 1958 American cars? I need to know before I buy a new Made in USA belt.


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I suspect that the "Made in Mexico" printing would be a problem. If the original belt would not have been a cogged belt, I would be sure to replace it with a belt that looks like the original. I don't think the cogged belt would be correct. The belt needs to look like the original belt.

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Just to throw this suggestion into the mix, if you are a member of the AACA one of the benefits of being a member is an hour and a half of free research at the AACA Library and Research Center.

If you are not a member you can still have research done for a fee.

Contact the fine folks there and see if in their vast library of information they can supply you with correct information about the type of belt you need. For a nominal fee they will copy and mail to you what they find. Keep that information with you at meets incase you are ever asked about the belt again.

Here is the link to the library.


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Thanks for replies. I am an AACA member but I've tried researching before, and have visited the library. An impressive collection but nothing on my car. No problem, I found a new USA made belt on ebay. Cogs most likely were not the issue since my factory parts book photo shows they had cogs so obviously they were available then but one never knows since the judges did not ask for proof. Always a concern, sort of like having no spare tire, are they going to deduct points?

I'm with Matthew believing it was the made in Mexico markings. I thought about taking some acetone to it to try to remove but went with the USA cog free belt to be safe.

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