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Nailhead distributor needed


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I am looking for a distributor for a 1964 425 with dual quads. My understanding is that they are different from a single quad to a dual quad in 1964 or newer. I have information that a 401 distributor from 1963 or older (because of the transmission) is the same as a 1964 dual quad distributor.

If you have one I look forward to hearing from you.



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You can use the distributor from your single four barrel engine. The only difference is in the timing of the engines. The single four barrel '64 was timed at 2-1/2*, whereas the dual four barrel was timed at 12*, like the '63 and earlier cars. It would be best for you to find illustrations to see where the vacuum for each distributor was picked up. Was it ported vacuum or unported vacuum. I don't know or I'd tell you. You can have your distributor reworked to provide the correct advance for the 12* timing.


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knew about the timing differences but I was also told the weights were different as well. My dad seemed to remember another distributor in the "dual quad option kit" that was in the trunk we he received the car new but he wasn't real sure (he's old now lol).

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