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Had some time to do some more research. There are some other things that point to it being a later model. In 48 they were still using flathead engines, and this van has an overhead valve engine. Could have been updated at some point. Also the grille and parking lights are the newer style. Round lights instead of rectangle and the grille has the two wide bars in the middle where the older modles had small bars all the way. Hope this helps narrow down the year.

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I found a very nice pair of IH Metro rear doors at an old yard in PA.  They have rust but considering how old they are the rust out is minimal.  The remains of the business name are still on the lower part of the doors.  I believe it was a laundry service truck.  The upper hinges still work and the door latch mechanism is still in place. The truck also has both side rub rails intact on the body as well.  I posted  pics if someone is interested let me know.  I know that the driver side rear door has a small hole in the very bottom.  From memory I believe the passenger side rear door has no holes.  I have seen these with the doors rotted completely off at the bottom these are far better than that.  I could get more pics and I would have to remove them if someone wants them.





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