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Whats the car and what are your thoughts?

Guest chicago12

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Guest chicago12

Hi everyone,

I have driven past this car in a barn in the middle of nowhere for the past 8 years, and finally stopped to check it out today. The owner was a nice elderly lady who told me that it belonged to her brother-in-law, and so she knew nothing about it.

While my grandfather is great with cars, I am pretty useless.

Could anyone help me identify what model of car this is?

Also, is this thing completely beyond repair? Have any value? Etc

My guess (from poking around on the internet), is that it is a 1959 Plymouth Belvedere 4 Door Sedan, and thus unfortunately is not worth digging out and putting my limited money into.

Any thoughts you could share are greatly appreciated!







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Guest Richie09

Hi, my thoughts are this; that there must not be anyone restoring a '59 Plymouth in your area. I say this because a lot of the trim, bumpers, fenders, bezels, hub caps, glass would work with a project and could do a deal with the owner to sell all the good stuff off (but no one is asking questions). No, 4 door sedans aren't hot sellers even if you wanted to clean it up but it looks solid and there are lots of usable parts I don't see a shifter in that steering wheel picture so probably a torqueflight tranny, a picture of the engine would be very interesting and the milage on the car.

I'm just not in favor of the eventuality of vehicles getting junked when if possible it could be at the least parted out. Not sure what to suggest, maybe the Plymouth Owners Club (see sticky) people would like to consider this car for resto or parting. Hope this helps, Rich

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