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Gear Ratios


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Finishing up the restoration of the drive train on my 65 post GS. 401 ST300/switch-pitch. I am debating on gears. Looking for quick 0-60 and best 1/4 time possible. Would be curious about anyones experience with a similar setup and the the gears that were used.What worked best? My car came with 308's. Thanks for any advice.

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I think something in the area of 3.60 would be plenty gear for a low reving high torque engine like your 401.<BR> My opinion is based on the magazine reports that a 3.60 geared '70 GSX 455 was a tenth of a second faster than a 4.10 geared '70 Chevelle SS 454. Of course it was a different Buick engine, but I think the philosophy still holds.<P>Tomsriv<BR>'71 Riviera

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