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1934 Dodge Parts will be available soon!

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Yes. It does sound as if you have a part in there wrong or such. it seems to be pressurizing the master cylinder's supply chamber instead of the piston chamber.

There are a couple rather small ports in the bottom of the supply chamber going to the pressure cylinder that line up with the edges of the piston and valves as the master is actuated. These also need to be open and free of rust or whatever solid blockage. A good manual may help show where these ports are and also the correct alignment of the piston and valve parts in the master's pressure cylinder.

vettemanz51 - also you may want to start your own "New Thread" with this brake question so that people will see the title and be drawn to comment on your specific question. It is kind of buried here in this post.

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Go to the listing at the top of this thread and click on the "Dodge and Dodge Brothers" part of the "Forum" line. That will take you to the listing of all the "Dodge and Dodge Brothers" posts. Then at the top left you will see a button called "Post New Thread". Give it a title that describes your question (include year of your car) so that it can be searched quickly by others and then just type your statement or question in the main part. Easy!

Also, we love photos! They are "worth a thousand words". So while you are constructing the new thread, consider using the icons across the top to help with photo posting. I like using the one that looks like a four cornered window with a tree in it. post-67404-143141724985_thumb.jpg "Float your mouse on that icon and you will see it is called "Insert Image". This icon will let you pick a photo from the files in your computer and will insert it at the spot where your cursor is in the construct window. Cool! (Just keep the resolution of your camera down a bit - like 5MB shots or smaller to help make sure the shot will "fit" on the post.)

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If you are asking me (I' m new to this) I have nothing at all for sale I am just getting advice on brakes. Michael

Hey Vetteman, do you know how to start a new topic?

You will see Post New Thread at the top of the screen ( sorta ) click on that and start your own thread. Its better to do it this way for many reasons but for yourself it will be easier to find should you need given info in the future. Have fun!

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So perhaps all I will need is the glass lenses and springs I suppose.

Thanks for the pic!


What ever happened to the parts you had???????? been waiting to hear ever since you listed " will be available soon".....................


Steve in NH

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I may have an extra one for 1934 plymouth

I assume you are responding to my need for a 33-34 Dodge/Plymouth lower suicide door hinge. It will be the same for coupe and truck cabs. Not sure about sedan front door.

Description: NEEDED: lower door hinge for a 33-34 Ply or Dodge? This is the part that bolts to the body, not to the door. Should be the same on coupe or front door of sedan.


Long leg with 3 holes = 3"

3 holes (somewhat oblong) 1 1/4" Center to Center

Short leg including pin location = 2 1/4"

Pin hole diameter = 1/4"

Thickness = 3/16"

I can use one or two.

Photos attached, if I can get it to work.

Contact me: design117@hotmail.com PH: 406-837-3117


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