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Unusual Turn Signal - Headlight Issue


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I have to get my 91 State Inspected this month and I thought I had a left turn signal bulb out as the left side would not flash at all. I started to replace the left front bulb - pulled it out of the socket and out of curiousity tried to operate it and it worked....slowly. I re installed the bulb and it continued to blink slowly (the right side signals blink fast). I then cut on the head lights and the left side stopped working. Cut the headlights off and the left signals would again blink slowly - can someone tell me what is going on ....Please ? ?



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Guest Corvanti

hope it's this easy: try a new bulb in that location after checking the socket(s) for corrosion, loose or bare wires. if that doesn't help - check your ground(s) for the turn signals on that side.

if not any of those, i'm sure one of the reatta experts will be along soon with a solution. :)

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Guest Mc_Reatta

Nic, turn your hazard lights on and walk around your car to check all the lights flash and are equally bright. Then turn on your parking or headlights too and repeat.

If all 6 lights in the rear and the 2 in front work correctly, then I think problem will be in the turn signal flasher or in the parking light resistor circuit.

Find the resistor block behind the radiator on the support and unplug it. Then try the left turn signal again and see if anything changes.

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Guest Richard D

You could always replace the flasher with an electronic model for around $13.99 I had the same problem and the original thermal flasher was just worn out. Only lasted 22 years:)

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