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A Cedar Rapids Banquet Story!

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I had the pleasure of sitting with the Kansas City Region of Kansas City, Missouri at the Cedar Rapids Meet banquet last week. Region president, Bonnie Johnson, and her crew were really enjoying themselves, as was I. I call Bonnie’s members “a crew”, because they reminded me of the old days of my car history, having so much fun just being together and celebrating the moment, without the stress of the day. Their region had about 15 members together on this trip. Their region was around 6 hours from Cedar Rapids.


I introduced myself, but mostly, sat there and took in all of the excitement for the most part, until I just could not help myself. It was really fun playing with these guys. They liked the kidding back and forth that we all shared. Their region is only about 25 months old and has a fascinating story to share as to how they got together and the activities that they share. I hope to get a story from their editor to share with all AACA members.


Let me first explain that Bonnie did not expect to win anything at the National Meet. She had attended the Judging School and after listening to some of the requirements she felt so heartbroken to the point that she almost left her car on the trailer. She knew her tire valve stems were incorrect and she had radial tires on her 1940 Plymouth P10 Coupe. She was so upset that VP-Judging Hulon McCraw noticed and went over to convince her to put her car on the show field.


As the awards were read out later at the awards ceremony, Bonnie's name was called and our whole table clapped in unison. It was great fun to be with these guys in all of their glory during the awards ceremony! Every member of their region won an award.<O:p</O:p


Please check out their web site and some of the things that they do to keep their club energized. http://www.aaca-kc.org/

You need an example of energized? How about taking an older member’s suspenders and auctioning them off. Or, how about at their next event you find these same suspenders mounted on a board and auctioned off again? Wait! They were bought back by the original owner!

Another example? How about you find out what each member’s favorite car is and find a company that will make night lights out of a representative tail light! Cool huh! I told you that these guys were good!

Here is a tip for all AACA members! When you are at events of our National club or even other types of clubs, keep your ears open for new ideas, and strike up a conversation. You never know when you might learn something that can help our car hobby.


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