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Wood rimmed Steering wheel OEM 1968-1972 vintage to what?


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I have exhausted my resources trying to ID this wheel. It is very similar to wheels used by the big 3 in the late 1960's. It has a real wood rim and the horn bars are functional. I even disassembled it in hopes of finding a number stamped on one of the parts but nothing in it has anything Logos or numbers stamped in them. Of course the horn button is missing which would be the only way to ID it easily. Is it aftermarket supplied for a factory application? Under the black paint on the spokes seems to be a machined or brushed stainless spoke. The black finish seems factory as every part I took apart was painted black on all sides. Not a quickie backyard respray. There are quite a few parts to the horn blowing assembly so I think it's factory. Looks to be a very good quality wheel. Any help would be really appreciated. Could it be AMC?




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