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Model T 1914 bulb horn

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Our local veteran car club owns a Model T from 1914. I am trying to find a original bulb horn for this early Ford. Now I am wondering what type of horn I should look for. There is a round hole on wooden firewall. But it seems like if the horn bracket would have have been inside the body - there are two skrew holes on body side of the firewall. Any information is greatly appreciated.

Best wishes

Juha Kaitanen

Turku, Finland

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Guest tmodelman

The 1913-1914 horn is brass painted black, usual mfg are Rubes and Nonperiel..

This horn has an 'round' bracket that fits to the firewall side engine compartment. The tube is routed thru the firewall and the bulb is mounted on the drivers side body panel inside the compartment.

The picture of the installed horn is a 1915, mounted correct for a 1915... that horn differs in that the mounting bracket is not round, but oval-like, the oval-like bracket is correct for 1915 but not 1914.




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