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Edgar and the Australian National


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G,Day to Edgar and All

Edgar,yesterday as the national vcca chairman,John got the latest update on the rally entrant listing.

I'm relieved and pleased to report that you are an entrant on the new list. For your information there are the following model 20 Hupps. Edgar Bowen,(raceabout) Max Burke (touring), John Burke (enclosed roadster),Dennis and Pam Smith,(Raceabout) Malcolm Roy(Raceabout) and Malcolm Bailey(no body as yet) although the Bailey 20 is quite a way from attending as I write. Peter and Bev N are coming from the west with the 32. there may be more but I did not go on past the Hup 20s other than there are now 125 paid up entries.

Hurry Back Edgar

Max Burke Nulkaba Australia

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