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true 16 valve east coast $4,500

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I have a 16 valve for sale in Oregon. I am asking 7k, but no buyers yet.

What would one of you guys pay for it? If $4500 is a steal and a thou more is fair then I will have to be flexible.

I have all of the accys, and the manuals. I also have the dealer aids tape and stuff like that. The car is about perfect.

The only trouble I ever had was a clutch cable. The delivery on that was delayed due to a SLOW vender and I had to free up shop space, but should have it replaced in a week or so.

Includes a ceiling lift for the hard top as well.

PM me if interested.

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Completely depends on condition. If the mechanicals are good, and the interior is excellent, then I'd agree $5-6K (since I did last year). If it's a garage queen with 10K miles and everything is immaculate, then a lot more. Unfortunately those are really rare...:cool:


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I spent little over 6 a year ago for my 16v. Then proceeded to replace the clutch, all of the hoses and belts, plugs, wires etc......additional couple of grand....oh well

a cool little car


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Well I got the new clutch cable installed and put it back up on Ebay at 7. I will probably lower the price if I renew again.

I guess its not hurting anything being parked here, but I have been wanting to get into a bigger convert, Like an Imperial or a 300.

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