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Need help with parts pick up - CA

1936 D2

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Anyone in the Escondido, Oceanside, San Diego area that could help me out? I need to have some light parts picked up and sent out to me. Guy doesn't want to ship!?! :mad: Stuff should fit in a large USPS Priority Mail box. Preferably someone with '36 or mid-'30's parts experience.

Send me an email if you are able/willing to help.


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Just a thought, If it gets down to the wire, try the Model A Ford guys on "Fordbarn" Forum. I know there must be an "A" owner in that area and most are great guys that will help anyone out with any kind of old car or parts.

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Thanks - All of you folks considering how to help on this can disregard. Sounds like the guy is going to have the PayPal payment accepted by a friend's business PayPal account and he also has researched how to do USPS Priority Mail and will be setting that up.

Also, Thanks for the suggestion Pete K. (At least I know somebody is reading this stuff!) :o

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