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New reproduction interior plastic from Knobsoup

Keith L.

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As many of you know, I make interior reproduction plastic for the Lincoln and Lincoln Zephyr cars. I am continually adding new items to the Knobsoup line. I have just finished the molds for the ‘41 horn button collar, (Part no 3630 in the steering wheel schematic diagram). The horn button collar goes between the steering wheel and horn button. After over seventy years most ‘41 collars are cracked or deteriorated.

This new horn collar I make is an exact duplicate to the original but without the metal insert. I beefed up the inside of the ring with more mass to compensate for the metal ring. Originally this metal ring was added for strength for the outside horn ring. The metal ring is not used to conduct any electrical current to the horn. With the newer stronger resins I use this should not present any problems. It also eliminates the need to locate and send the metal insert for reproducing the collar. Nowadays, the outside horn ring gets little use, mostly honking for the judges on the parade ground. I can, if the customer wants, add the metal ring to the mold. There will be an added cost and they will have to supply the metal insert. The color is a very, very dark brown, the same as the original.

Send me a private message if you would like the latest color price list and order form. Thanks.



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