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1958 Super model 53 w/ factory A/C

Pete Phillips

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A well liked and very active member of the North Texas Chapter died last week and his wife has asked me to help her sell his 1958 Super 4-dr. hardtop. Ted Phelps has owned this car for over 20 years and restored it about 20 years ago. He drove this car frequently to BCA national and regional meets and to just about all North Texas Chapter meetings. He spent quite a bit of $$$ on it two years ago, refreshing its restoration for the BCA national meet in Iowa, where it received a silver award in the 400-point judging.

I knew the car since the early 1980s, when it was owned by an old lady in Denison, Texas. It is a white 1958 Super 4-door hardtop, 364 V-8, four-barrel, dual exhaust, with working factory air conditioning. You can drive this car anywhere in air-conditioned comfort--it is ready to go with no work needed. Ted kept it in tip-top shape all the time. The original A/C compressor was rebuilt a few years ago at considerable expense. Vacuum windshield wipers were recently upgraded to electric. Car is white with a gold interior. Upholstery was replaced with a fabric that is very close to the original, but not an exact match. Car has AM radio, power steering, power brakes, manual windows. An appraisal was done last year which came in at $20,000. Car will probably sell for less than that. I will take bids or offers and present them to his wife. I can get more photos after the funeral, which will be in early July. I can assure you that this car needs no work to be driven and enjoyed. The last time I looked it over, there were a couple of spots under the hood that needed touching up, and that was about it.

Car is located in Midlothian, Texas which is southeast of Fort Worth.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Leonard, Tx.



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I spent a considerable bit of time examining this car in Iowa as well, since I had recently acquired my Super.

This is a spectacular example that would be perfect for cruising.

Sad to hear about the owner, he was a class act based on the short time I spent with him.

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Guest gossir00

Mr. Phillips,

You are are good person for helping this family.

When you get more photos please send them to me.



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I drove to Midlothian yesterday and got more photos of the car. Someone told them to start the asking price at $23,000 but it is flexible. The car is ready to go at a moment's notice. The son had just returned from taking it to a car show when I arrived. I can't figure out how to post photos with this new system @#$+_%#$@@$*@#!

Okay, maybe I figured it out. It is very emotional for me to be around this wonderful car and not have my friend Ted nearby--I miss him already.

Pete Phillips





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Another photo or two...

I will present any offers anyone wishes to make. It would be best not to have a bunch of people calling the family right now--they have much to deal with.

The point is to get this gem into good hands and to get them a fair price, but they are somewhat flexible.

There is also a very loaded 1968 LeSabre 400 convertible in the same estate if anyone is interested, in need of new paint but a solid local car. Asking $7500 and has more accessories than I have ever seen on a '68 LeSabre.

Pete Phillips





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Guest treasurelane3

Hello there, I am sorry to hear about the passing of Mr. Phelps and I know this must be a very difficult time for the family. I am from Australia and an avid car enthusiast. As I am a fireman on shift work it gives me the opportunity to follow my passion in classic and vintage cars. I have been partial to Buicks however have not had the good fortune to own one. I would like to put an offer forward for the purchase of the car and need to consider the oncosts in bringing the car over to Australia and the duties to the Australian government involved in importing vehicles. Therefore I have a number of queries regarding the condition of the vehicle. Can you please advise a phone number where I can talk to some one about the car. Kind regards

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